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Noor Aid is a non-profit UK registered charity (No. 1127363) based in Manchester with the primary aim of helping the poor and needy in Africa and Asia.




Raised in 2020

What we do

Noor Aid was established 18 years ago and has worked tirelessly since to help fight poverty and inequality by helping those most in need.  Our work is mainly focused in The Gambia, India and Senegal. We have also responded to the Rohingya refugee crisis and raised funds for countries affected by natural disasters. 

With your generous donations over the years our team of volunteers have been dedicated to improve sanitation and access to water, provide the needy with food parcels and basic survival kits, help improve and establish education and praying facilities, support vulnerable communities and orphans through sponsorship schemes.


Qurbani is an emphasised sunnah and is a great opportunity to fulfil your obligation, while feeding the poor and the forgotten. Donate here


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The Gambia lies in Western Africa and is the smallest country on the African continental mainland. Click here to view our annual report.


I have been fortunate to spend time abroad in Gambia with this charity doing voluntary work. They are extremely hardworking and great at making sure your hard earned money is reaching its destination.

Zakaria Piperdi

Noor Aid is a reliable charity where every penny you donate goes directly to those who need it most. Be it for children, widows, water pump/wells, food parcels, building projects, education and so much more, Noor Aid always find ways of supporting people.

Shareen Sadak

Noor Aid work tirelessly for causes to help and support those who are less fortunate, albeit in parts of Africa, Bangladesh or any other part of the world.

Mohamediqbal Yacoobali