The Charity

Noor Aid is a UK registered charity (No. 1127363) based in Manchester with the primary aim of helping the poor and needy in Africa and Asia. Much of our work is concentrated in The Gambia (Western Africa) but we also have ongoing projects in Rajasthan, India and we also supported the past disasters in Myanmar (Burma) and Gaza.

We strictly operate a 100% donations – 0% deductions policy, so every penny of your donation goes to those who need it the most. You can help to support our work by sending us your donation. You can download a donation form to specify the type of donation and amount. You can now donate online using MyDonate from BT.

Our History

In 2002, When we visited The Gambia for the first time we didn’t know what to expect. What we witnessed was a large Muslim population in poverty, many without even the basic essentials such as water, electricity, shelter for their homes and adequate food to eat.

This inspired us to help the needy Muslim population in this country. Two years later Noor Aid was established.

In the past 2 years we have branched out to other parts of the world, such as Rajasthan, Assam (India) and Burma where we have started similar projects. With your continued support, generosity and duaa’s we hope to continue working and providing for those who are at most need in Africa and Asia.