Ways to donate

There are many ways you can make a donation to Noor Aid. If you are in the Manchester area you may be able to make a donation in person and hand us your completed standing order mandate or cheque. You may also use any of the methods below or by visiting our Projects page to donate towards a specific project.

Please remember that we operate a 100% donations – 0% deductions policy, so every penny of your donation goes to those who need it most.

Online donation

Make a donation of any amount

If you would like to donate towards a specific cause or project, please visit our Projects page instead.


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Bank Transfer

You can also make a donation in person at the bank or by doing an online transfer. Please call our Donations Hotline on 07946 335 036 or email us at ‘info@nooraid.co.uk‘. They’ll be able to send you a paying in slip to use at any branch of Barclays Bank, using the following details:

Account Name: Noor Aid | Sort Code: 20-26-20 | Account Number: 00975559

For international payments please use the following details:

IBAN: GB68 BARC 2026 2000 9755 59 | Swift\BIC Code: BARCGB22
Bank Address : Barclays Bank, 460 Bury New Road, Manchester, M25 1AU

Alternatively, you can use the same details for a bank transfer or BACS payment. Please reference your payment with your name. We can also take your details so we can send you an acknowledgement letter.

GidtAid ItIf you’re a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid your donations, making them worth 25% more to us, and at no extra cost to you! We can claim back the tax you have paid on your donation (25p for every £1 you donate) through Gift Aid.

Thank you for your donations. Your continued support has assisted us with many projects and helped make a real difference.

More ways to donate

Standing Order

Standing Order is the best and most convenient way of offering donations. This will greatly help in providing continuous support for our work in Africa and Asia. A regular donation of £10, £5 or even £2 a month would be greatly appreciated and can make a real difference to peoples lives.


Please make your cheque payable toNoor Aid and send to:

90 Stamford Street,
Old Trafford,
M16 9JT

Request a Callback

You can email us your name and telephone number and we will call you back.

Types of donations

  • Zakat – The obligatory charity which is given annually (in accordance to the Lunar year).

  • Lillah – Any optional/voluntary charity which is given for the pleasure of Allah.

  • Sadaqah – Can include Sadaqatul Fitr (can vary according to your location. Please check with your local masjid).

  • Fidya – Compensation that is paid for missed Fasts, and missed Salah. This can only be paid by those who are not physically able to do the Qadha (Make up). The amount can vary, please contact us if you require more information.

  • Interest – That amount of money a person receives through interest (From a loan etc.)